Blackberry mojito

Ingredients for 2 mojitos:
Blackberry juice*:
- 400g blackberries (keep 4 of  them to decorate)
- 150ml water
- 12 mint leaves (few more to decorate)
- 1 lime
- 4oz rum**
- 4oz blackberry juice
- Soda water
- Ice

*If your blackberries are not very sweet, you might want to add 1 or 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to the juice.
**Traditionally mojitos are made with white rum, feel free to use the one you have at home or just your favourite one (I am using a dark one).

1. Blend the blackberries and the water together until you get a puree.

2. Strain the juice through a fine sift to remove the blackberry seeds. Add the brown sugar if necessary.

3. In the presentation glasses (half of the ingredients in each), add the mint leaves, the lime juice, the lime zest and a splash of soda and gently smash to mix all flavours.

4. Fill the glasses with ice and add the rum and the blackberry juice. Top with soda.

5. Decorate with a couple of blackberries and mint.

Bon appétit!

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